New Shows on 103.5FM WADR!

The volunteers at 103.5 FM WADR have been working behind the scenes to bring you new, local shows! Here’s just a few:

The Rock Runs Through Us – Host Susan Johnson discusses climate change issues with local experts and officials in our community. The show’s philosophy is to embrace the earth and all its magnificent life forms and every human, too. All life on earth is connected and all depend mutually on one another. We don’t have to return to pre-industrial times, but we do have to change our wasteful, polluting ways! It is NOT too late, if we start now. Everyone can take small, positive steps each day to slowly turn things around. And, yes, we can! Watch our Facebook page for info on upcoming shows!

Here’s Janesville with Janet LaBrie – Host Janet LaBrie brings to you informal interviews on interesting people doing interesting things in the Janesville area. You have most recently heard Janet as she interviewed all six Janesville City Council candidates in the April election for WADR, and talked with world-record speed-skater Barb Johnson. Visit the Here’s Janesville Facebook page for info on upcoming shows!

TJ and The Stacks of Wax – Join TJ each and every week, as he takes you back in time inside his TJ Time Machine to an era of cheesy humor & fun filled memories, filled with sock hops, soda fountains and the greatest ROCK & ROLL favorites from the 50s, 60s & 70s.  So turn off your WiFi & crank up your HiFi and have some fun with a Blast From Your Past, right here on 103.5 FM WADR!  New shows air 8pm Sundays!

Essential Albums – Your friends and neighbors around Janesville present their favorite albums from any genre, and tell you all about what makes them so awesome! Catch new episodes 8pm Thursdays on 103.5 FM WADR, and stay tuned at 9pm for In The Stratosphere!

Freak Radio – Saint Christopher compiles an eclectic 3 hour broadcast of local talent, rockabilly, punk, power pop, ska, reggae, and alternative, plus local music news and interviews with up and coming artists. Catch the Saint 10PM Thursdays following In The Stratosphere on 103.5 FM WADR!


And there’s even more great shows to come! THIS is Wisconsin’s Alternative Destination Radio, 103.5FM WADR!

Opportunity: Audio Engineers

Gain valuable experience in radio production, and have fun volunteering for Janesville Community Radio, 103.5 FM WADR! No experience necessary!

Learn how to:

  • Mix Music
  • Edit Tracks
  • Produce Live Shows
    ….and more!!!


Fill out our Volunteer Application to learn more.

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