Want to help support Janesville Community Radio?

We are a group of volunteers who work to make community radio possible in Janesville, Wisconsin!

103.5 FM WADR is a local, noncommercial, educational radio station that serves approximately 64,000 listeners through our FM broadcast, and an unlimited audience nationally and internationally through live streaming at

103.5 FM WADR is owned by Janesville Community Radio, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit, and was incorporated in 2013 to bring alternative radio programming to the Janesville, Wisconsin area. We began broadcasting online in November 2013, and FM broadcasting on 103.5 FM in June 2015.

You can hear our broadcasts by going to 103.5 FM, our Listen Live link on this website, or by visiting Janesville Community Radio on Facebook. You can also listen to us through the TuneIn Radio app in the iTunes and Google Play stores, and on many other devices!

We know this project will be a success because our community needs it, and because our business model relies on strong participation from volunteers who are involved in every aspect of the station.  We are also working on joint programming with Hedberg Public Library and School District of Janesville, where we will help train students to create original broadcasts.

Your generous contributions will help us continue to get the equipment we need to provide quality community radio broadcasts!

From everyone at Janesville Community Radio: Thank You!!!

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Become an Underwriter

Increasing your business visibility through program sponsorship

REACH NEW CLIENTS :Retail stores, restaurants, concert promoters, theaters, service providers, labor unions, and many more reach out to WADR’s, diverse, and dedicated audience by sponsoring, or “underwriting,” specific programs.  Underwriters receive on air acknowledgments during those programs that let listeners know who they are, the purpose of their business, location, and how to reach them for more information.

Sample Underwriting Acknowledgment

This program is made possible in part by:

[your business name here], specializing in [your product or service]. [your business] is located at [your location]. For more information the number is [your phone number] or [your web address]

Underwriting acknowledgements must be 30 seconds or less in length. Underwriting acknowledgements may not include references to sales or prices; inducements; incentives; calls to action (“go to…”, “come on out…”); comparative language (better, best, more complete); quantitative language (most, largest, complete); or qualitative language (great, excellent, awesome).


Contact to become an underwriter: [email protected] or call 608 563 0111