Frequently Asked Questions

What is Janesville Community Radio (JCR)?

Janesville Community Radio, Inc. is a group of volunteers who applied to the FCC through United Arts Alliance for a license to broadcast a Low Power FM signal in Janesville, WI.

We broadcast on 103.5 FM with the call letters WADR-LP, and online at

Janesville Community Radio, Inc., is a 501 c(3) non-profit organization, and your contributions are tax-deductible.


Where is Janesville Community Radio, Inc. located?

Janesville Community Radio, Inc. is located at 321 East Milwaukee Street in Janesville, WI.


Does Janesville need a community radio station?

Every community needs a community radio station, a place where programming is not controlled by a corporate entity, driven by profits and accountability to advertisers or stockholders. JCR is here to provide opportunity for diverse voices in our community to be heard. We are a station created by the people, for the people.



How can I listen to Janesville Community Radio now?

You can hear our broadcasts by going to 103.5 FM, our Listen Live link on this website, or by visiting Janesville Community Radio on Facebook. You can also download our mobile apps through the iTunes and Google Play stores.


How far does Janesville Community Radio’s signal reach?

Our FM signal can be heard in a 3-10 mile radius around the station.

Our online broadcasts reach anywhere with an internet connection!


What kind of programs are on Janesville Community Radio?

Diversity and variety are some of our most important values. Through our partnership with United Arts Alliance, a 501 c(3) non profit whose mission is promotion of arts and education, much of our programming features arts and educational topics. We also provide a wide variety of music programming not commonly heard on the air in Rock County.

JCR has a board of directors and a programming committee whose mission is to make sure all shows are in compliance both with UAA and FCC standards.

We are currently developing programming ideas with Hedberg Public Library, School District of Janesville and UW-Rock County. Check out our website to see the full list of our current shows.


Who are the people involved?

JCR consists of a board whose members are:

  • Harold Bone
  • Reese Wood
  • Mark Fuller
  • Allen Jeanette
  • Judy Konkel
  • Valerie Moore
  • Pam Outhouse

Additionally, our broadcasters include: Mike Dickman, Paul Krapf, Steven Devine, Jason Risner, Trish Jensen, and many others.


Is JCR a volunteer effort?

While in the future, JCR may have some paid positions, for the past few years, and for the foreseeable future, JCR has been a fully volunteer effort. At the same time, JCR broadcasts can be underwritten with the proceeds going to raise money to help support the station.


Why is JCR raising money?

We need to raise money to fully equip our studios, and to continue to upgrade and replace equipment as needed to produce a quality broadcast.

We also need to have money in our budget to pay for things like copyright, which will allow us to play copyrighted music, etc.


How is JCR financed?

JCR is financed through individual contributions of people like you, and through the support of underwriters.


How can I get involved?

You can volunteer at the station in a number of ways. Go to and fill out the form indicating your areas of interest and expertise. We will contact you shortly!

Help us raise the funds needed by going to There you can choose to help launch JCR by contributing using the PayPal account we have set up.


More questions?

Contact us at 608-563-0111, use the Contact Us link below, or come and visit us at 321 E. Milwaukee St., Janesville, WI 53545